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Emily Sapa Alexander Technique for Musicians

Your Musical Potential - Embodied!

Learn how the Alexander Technique can help you successfully connect the missing links from artistic vision to musical reality.


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Embodied Musician


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Embodied Musician


Learn how the principles of the Alexander Technique can help you and/or your students make music with less effort and injury and better coordination of mind and body. 

Embodied Musician


Enjoy practicing and performing with a newly connected sense of self! 

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I love Emily's approach to teaching the Alexander Technique. Her warm personality and great sense of humor provide a clear and relaxed environment for the lessons and I always leave feeling lighter, more open, and very happy. Her innovative ideas and clear directions have given me tools to use in my own exercises outside the lessons. I constantly feel and hear the benefits of Emily's teaching in my flute playing and especially in performances, but perhaps more importantly, I am very aware of the ease and agility in my body and mind in all my daily activities. 

J U L I E  J O H N S O N 

flutist and composer 

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Emily Sapa Alexander Technique teacher

Emily Sapa is an Alexander Technique teacher, flutist, and music educator in the Pittsburgh, PA area. She is passionate about helping musicians of all ages, levels, and locales express themselves musically using their whole bodies. 

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