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Ready to Take Control of Your Embodied Musicianship? 

Discover the Keys to 

Your Whole Body Artistic Potential so that you can: 

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Improve musicality and technique. 

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Reduce pain and avoid or recover efficiently from injury. 

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Maximize overall wellbeing! 

Emily Sapa Alexander Technique teacher

Whole Body, Whole Self Musical Expression 


Functional Anatomy 

Positive Non-Doing 

Spatial Thinking 

get in touch with how you do what you do. 

how your body moves naturally. 

letting go of habits and tension that are impeding your artistic voice.

make the most of your resonating space inside and out. 

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Embody ~ Enrich ~ Empower Your Musicianship! 


Introducing AT Workshops for 

Musicians by a Musician: 

a menu of educational experiences that will help you Thrive on your Embodied Musician journey. 

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A basic skill in the musicians’ toolkit, articulation is also used anatomically to describe the places where bones meet - your joints! This workshop will give you an understanding of some of the most important areas of bodily articulation for musicians and help you experience how free joints can free up your musical expression. 

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If you’re like me, a significant portion of your musical experience has centered around “good posture,” which can have a tendency to veer toward stiff, unsustainable, and sometimes downright torturous positions. In this workshop we’ll look at productive, sustainable ways of coordinating ourselves as musicians that take advantage of our naturally dynamic, mobile counterbalancing system. 

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Musicians are often called the athletes of the small muscles. But before we were even dreaming of making melodies, we were discovering the ins and outs of our primary instrument - our musculo-skeletal or locomotor system. In this workshop we’ll learn about the ways our bodies are primed to move and how we can harness this mobility to support our Embodied Musicianship. 

Two ways to engage:

Schedule an online or in person workshop. 

Take a digital course (coming soon) and start learning today. 

Choose Your Workshop: 

Everyday AT Basics 

You know that comfy sweater you pull on when you want to feel relaxed and cozy during your day? In Everyday AT Basics you’ll learn some of my go-to explorations for warming up whole body coordination and creating the foundation for your Embodied Musicianship reality. 

These 3 1-hour workshops can be taken separately or as a 3 workshop mini-series. 

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes… and Everything In Between! 

Have you ever realized there are some gray areas in your awareness of your musical self? (Hello, ankles!) In HSKT, you’ll be introduced to functional anatomy from a musician’s eye view - complete with experiential movements and opportunities to explore sound with a new, Embodied coordination.

This 6-part workshop includes: 

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AT Introduction 

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Anatomy Spotlights: getting to know how head, neck, and back; legs; and arms work together to support your musicianship. 

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Breathing overview 

Embodied Musician 

Interested in the Alexander Technique and ready to make a big impact on your practice and performance? The Embodied Musician series will guide you through the main AT principles and give you a thorough foundation in experiential anatomy that will allow you to unleash your artistry. 

This 12-part experiential workshop includes: 

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AT Introduction 

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Anatomy Deep Dives and movement exploration 

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Beginning AT procedures: sitting, standing, constructive rest 

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Breathing for good coordination and artistry 

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Weekly assignments to help you connect your AT skills with your performance. 

Workshop Bonuses: 

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Guided Constructive Rest Recordings related to each workshop you attend, so you can continue practicing at home. 

Private Facebook Group, so you can connect with other like-minded musicians.

Have an AT topic in mind that you don’t see here? 

I love creating custom workshops tailored to your group’s needs and interests - reach out and let’s make it happen! 

I’d like to set up a workshop for my studio/ensemble/organization!

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Choose your Workshop 

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Let’s find a Date

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Convenient Custom Learning for Your Group! 

Digital classes coming soon - contact me to hop on the waiting list! 

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In addition to being a wonderful Alexander Technique teacher, Emily is also a fine flutist and music educator. She has a lovely way of simplifying things so that concepts are more accessible for her students in either field. As a classical singer, I came to Emily for help with breathing and, until this day, I still use her tips in my daily singing routine. In fact, I was so inspired by her teaching that I decided to train to become a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique myself. 


mezzo-soprano and Alexander Technique teacher 

Emily Sapa
And just who am I? 

Hi, I’m Emily and I’m here to help you on your Embodied Musician journey! 

As a flutist who’s been studying the Alexander Technique for nearly 20 years I’ve had lots of opportunities to see what AT can offer musicians from all backgrounds - clearer access to your musical voice with less interference from old habits. In Embodied Musician, I’m excited to help you support your artistry by accessing your fully connected physical presence. 

Here's what others have asked! 

What if I’ve never done any Alexander Technique? 

Welcome! Embodied Musician workshops are open to all ages and levels of musicians - if you’ve found your way to my website I know you’re looking for some support for your musical journey and I’m happy to help. All workshops are appropriate for beginning to intermediate AT students. Each class will have a point of departure to help get everyone on the same page and you’re welcome to review digital workshops to refresh your memory or unpack a concept as often as you like. 

Can the Alexander Technique help me with my issue? 

Every musician is different. As you learn about the Alexander Technique through Embodied Musician workshops, I hope you’ll develop awareness of your current way of performing (your habit) and start making informed choices about how you want to move forward. I look forward to helping you glean new insights into how all the bits and pieces fit together (how your mind and body seamlessly coordinate in all your activities) so that you can start implementing new approaches to your art. 

I have an injury; is the Alexander Technique the same as physical therapy/medical treatment? 

The Alexander Technique is an educational method that helps people learn how to coordinate their thinking and movements with less effort. Although we spend time talking about body mechanics and anatomy, our aim in Embodied Musician is always to explore, experiment, and make connections that support overall well being with and without a musical context, rather than prescribe a cure. Most people’s experience of the Alexander Technique is quite gentle, but if you have any concerns because of a medical issue, please consult your medical professional. 

There are no AT teachers in my area; how can I experience this work? 

As a person who grew up out-of-range of many enrichment experiences, I feel you - that’s one of the reasons I’ve included digital content in the Embodied Musician program. It’s accessible to anyone at any time for the lifetime of this website. I’m also available to present workshops or schedule lessons via video apps like Zoom and, eventually, in person. If you’re interested in learning more about how the AT can assist you with your musical goals, I’m excited to chat! 

I’d really like some one-on-one help; do you teach private lessons? 

I’m available for a limited number of private lessons - contact me for more info about availability. 

I’m pinching my pennies these days - what if I can’t afford lessons right now? 

Group learning is an effective and affordable way to experience the Alexander Technique. When you purchase access to a digital Embodied Musician workshop, you get the benefit of my many years experience as a flutist (with a little piano and voice sprinkled in); my 20+ years honing my skills as a music teacher; and my nearly 20 years exploration into the Alexander Technique and how it can benefit both myself and the musicians I work with. If you’ve made it this far into my website, I’m guessing you’ve got an issue with your musicianship that you need help solving. No need to start with a big commitment - try one digital workshop and see if this path is the right fit for you. 

What if my schedule is already busy? 

The Alexander Technique is all about the learning journey and you decide how much information is useful to you. For some people, one workshop is all it takes to start integrating a new approach to making music; others, like me, have made AT a life-long area of study; and there’s plenty of middle ground. You’ve found this website for a reason - you’ve got a musical issue that you haven’t been able to solve through other avenues. My digital workshops are available for you 24/7 and there’s no timeframe within which you have to view them - why not give one a try? 

Do you offer refunds? 

No refunds will be offered for digital content purchases, scheduled workshops, or private lessons. In the case of emergency, illness, or other unexpected event, live workshops and lessons may be rescheduled, depending on availability 

I have more questions, how can I get in touch? 

I’m always happy to chat about the Alexander Technique and the benefits it can provide musicians! Send me an email at and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours. 

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